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Design Meets Health

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Text: Stephan Ott


Recently a product designer wrote to us saying that when reading form he could barely recognise his own discipline. Whether as a warning to us – as bearers of ostensibly such dreadful news –, as an expression of dismay about changes in the world per se, or even as shock in the face of his own inflexibility, this doesn’t release form from its mission of engaging with the dynamics of the discipline, dynamics to which designers themselves have made significant contributions and continue to do so.

In his book “Sachen und Privatsachen” [Things and Private Affairs] written in 1964, Markus Kutter speaks of how the success of newspapers and magazines depends on the extent to which they make “previously unformulated occurrences into tangible news.” It remains an attribute of media in general that they apply this relevance filter, as Kutter calls it, when informing their followers, readers, users or listeners.

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Text: Habib Duman

These days, remote-controlled flying objects are increasingly being used not just for military purposes, but for transportation and documentation, too. Drones with integrated cameras have been rapidly adopted by private users, becoming a favourite tool of amateur film-makers and extreme sports fanatics in particular. And with the drone trend having long since taken hold on crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo, new projects are gaining financial backing and the range of available products is continuing to grow.

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Design Education Meets Health

“Hardly any other area of design brings together such diverse work from around the world as design for health, or leads to such controversial debates. It’s a field that is not just about coming up with a new look for a magnetic resonance imaging scanner or creating a stylish reception desk for a private practice, but also about the role of design in shaping medical care and the therapeutic and preventative potential of design,” writes Jonas Rehn in the introduction to our Focus section, Design Meets Health. In this text he provides an overview of the latest design developments that address the field of healthcare, and are covered in the other articles. These include the concept of salutogenesis, which highlights the health-promoting benefits of design, and evidence-based design, in which the design process is informed by scientific research and findings. We also look at the theme of health in design education, presenting below various projects and people from five design disciplines, outlining their perspectives on this theme from their standpoint as teachers or students.

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Space Design

Text: Carl Friedrich Then
Translation: Bronwen Saunders

The manned moon landing on 21 July 1969
was one of the greater milestones in the history of space flight. While at the time there were plans for a manned mission to Mars, most
of them were later mothballed, although the dream itself never died. Even the United Arab Emirates recently announced its intention
to put a probe into orbit around the red planet. Alongside NASA, ESA, and Russia’s Roskosmos, also India, China, and Japan are all working on joint Mars missions or programmes of their own. 

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