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Nº 285
Sep/Oct 2019

In Germany alone, 7.8 million people live with severe disabilities. In the next issue, prostheses will be our main theme; we will be looking at physical limitations and how to alleviate and overcome these through design.

The topic can be interpreted in a broad sense, since a smartphone can also be interpreted as a kind of prosthesis. And didn’t Sigmund Freud state as early as 1930 that humans were trying to become a “prosthetic God”? People are living longer and the demand is increasing for prosthetic aids ranging from artificial hip joints to artificially intelligent social-care robots. So it’s high timeto find out what’s new in prosthetics and how 3D printers and artificial intelligence are involved.


We will also introduce ceramic foam, look at the relationship between biotechnology and speculative design in the Discourse, and shed light on alternative social media that try out new forms of digital interaction far away from like buttons.


Nº 285 will be out in October 2019.

116 pages, German/English, € 16.90 (DE)


Nº 284
Region of Design

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