19 May 2016

3 Questions for:
Chris Place, Prepd Pack

Text: Jessica Sicking

You are what you eat; it’s not just in foodstuffs that our world produces too much rubbish but also in packaging and resources. The lunch box is far from a new idea, but of late we have seen renewed interest in products for transporting healthy, home-made food. Almost everyone owns a lunch or storage box. But when it comes to taking lunch to work, it’s often less the transportation that is the problem and more the meal itself. That’s why Prepd founders Chris Place and Will Matters are thoroughly committed to promoting healthy eating, offering not just a means of transporting food, but also an app to go with it. Their Prepd Pack comprises plastic containers of various sizes plus cutlery and a bamboo carry box; while the app provides recipe suggestions and can even create shopping lists. We talked to Chris Place about their idea.


1. What was the reason to design yet “another” lunch box?


When we started the project the idea wasn’t actually to design another lunchbox, but rather to create a solution to make taking lunch to work easier. Our design was completely based around this idea, hence, why we didn’t only create a lunchbox, but also an app that works together with the lunchbox to make the process easier and a better experience. From a features standpoint, the modular container design allows you to configure your lunch and portions exactly the way you want. Being removable, the containers you store your food are also the ones you transport it in while still being a good experience to eat from within the Prepd case.



2. You want to bring healthy nutrition to the people. What is your target group?


Our customers so far are predominantly aged between 20 and 30 years old. As mentioned above, our main goal is to help people take control and bring their own lunch rather than eating out where it’s difficult to know what you’re putting into your body. For some people this will be about following strict diets, which we will cater to by offering meal preparation plans tailored to popular diets. For others it will just be about offering tasty recipes, but still providing the nutritional information and logging this easily so that they can keep track of what they eat.





3. When looking at your Kickstarter page, you exceeded your original goal by far – how do you explain this huge success?


Honestly we were also blown away by the success of the campaign. It was unexpected especially because most successful Kickstarter campaigns are highly tech related, whereas ours was much simpler and food-focused. Feedback we’ve received is that most people purchased the product because they love the unique, more mature design and premium materials. Saying that, there is also a huge number of people that are really excited about the app and that we are going to create recipes and meal plans to help them fill their Prepd Packs.

Both, Will and myself have experience using Kickstarter and have had success launching our previous products there so it was an easy decision for us. By using crowdfunding and being able to take pre-orders allowed us to cover production costs and launch without spending a huge amount before validating that people actually wanted the product. Everything is about social media these days and no doubt it played a huge role in the success of our campaign.


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