Maison d’Ailleurs, Yverdon-les-Bains

– 19 November 2017

The “Corps-concept” exhibition takes a closer critical look at the ideas of transhumanism and the hopes and fears linked with it. The works of various artists will be on show in the Maison d’Ailleurs until 19 November 2017. 

A new discourse about issues of human limitations is arising as a result of advances in technology and its fusion with the human body. In recent years, a new idea of posthumanism has emerged as a result of the attempt to surpass human limitations by means of technological interventions. The idea of moving human nature towards a utopian destiny by redefining it is subjected to a critical examination by the exhibition. 

What ignites the motivation to strive towards transhumanism? What consequences are harboured by this ideology? The Maision d’Ailleurs offers its visitors the opportunity to confront their own convictions and ideas of bodies by viewing the artwork. The aim of the exhibition is to question transhumanism as a new form of humanism. Projects on show will include works by the French artist, Beb Deum, the Swiss artists Matthieu Gafsou and Jean-Pierre Kaiser, and works by some students at ÉCAL. A catalogue and a booklet have been published to accompany the exhibition. 


Nº 273
Designing Protest

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