DA Festival.
Knowledge on Tour


23 – 25 August 2017


True to its slogan “Knowledge on Tour”, the DA Festival will be visiting Hamburg from 23 to 25 August 2017 to seek proactive interchange with the general public, to discuss various topics together, and to be creative. 

The festival is an attempt by students at Hyperwerk to create a publication in the form of a festival and to empower the reflections of students and listeners alike by dealing directly with the audience. By combining knowledge transfer and entertainment options, the festival has created a programme that will encourage both visitors and organisers to share deeply about our uncertain future. The “DA” stands for the German concept of “Daheit” [there-ness] that Hyperwerk has established to describe a new form of the information and interaction sphere that is ubiquitous, transnational and transcultural. Emerging opportunity spaces will be viewed and tested together with visitors in virtual reality, experimental publicism and an urban-study-as-play area for design and education.

Hyperwerk is the Institute for Post-industrial Design at the Basel School of Design in Switzerland. It was founded as a learning laboratory to ensure that versatile expertise in post-industrial design was established.

As a result, the boundaries between design, production and use of objects were to be removed and the stages to be more closely interlinked with one another. You can find an interview with Alexandra Stöckli and Simon Gall under form Dossiers. They are both due to speak at the festival. 


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