Design March

23 – 26 March 2017


Iceland invites you to Design March. The festival is now in its ninth year, and new ideas on the Icelandic design scene will be presented in the halls of the Iceland Design Center in Reykjavík.

Throughout the city, workshops and seminars will be held in the areas of graphics, fashion, furnishings and architecture in addition to over 100 exhibitions. Running in parallel, there will be a one-day conference on 23 March 2017 entitled Design Talks at which numerous designers will give presentations on the influence of design. Speakers this year include Alexander Taylor and Ersin Han Ersin, designers at Marshmallow Laser Feast.  


In addition, Design Match will take place on 24 March 2017 for which designers are invited to submit a portfolio with three designs. The intention is to facilitate collaborations between Icelandic designers and international design studios, journalists, curators and sellers. The co-operation partners have the opportunity of inviting between five and seven designers to present themselves in person and the public on the day of Design Match.


For information about other events, register on the website for the newsletter. There is also a link to ticket sales


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