26 June 2019


Digital Bauhaus 2019:

Learning Design

Neufertanlage, Weimar

Notenbank Weimar

28–29 June



100 years ago, Bauhaus not only revolutionised the world of design in formal ways, but also shaped education through visionary innovation. The basics of materials and design studies, practical project work in close collaboration with the industry as well as collective learning are just some of the methods that have had a lasting influence on teaching at design colleges. There has always been a close interaction between design and learning, since on-going learning forms the elementary basis for design and, conversely, design inspires new, experimental learning methods.


What are the challenges for design studies today? What does it mean to learn design, and how can learning be rethought and redesigned in our changing world? On 28 and 29 June, Digital Bauhaus will use a three-track approach to the topic of "Learning Design": Track 1 focuses on Autodidactic learning (learning habits), Track 2 on Algorithms (machine learning) and Track 3 on Architectures (learning spaces). Track 1 examines and considers the tension between institutional and autodidactic learning, i.e. self-empowerment – it looks at how we forget and unlearn old habits through the acquisition of new knowledge, skills and techniques. Track 2 on machine learning considers who it is who is doing the learning. Competition from artificial systems also plays an important role in the field of learning. Today, in everyday life in the form of purchase recommendations, spam filters and social media feeds, we already encounter deep learning, the learning process based on speech and image recognition. What are the limits of these systems? What correspondences are possible between human and machine learning? Can algorithms learn creativity? In the third track, experts will consider spaces of learning and the influence that our environment has on learning. What is preferable – online seminar or interactive project workshop? Classroom or outdoors? Teaching from the front or integrative sitting circles? Scientists, authors and professors from the fields of architecture, linguistics and media studies, philosophy, history, politics, art and culture will cover a broad range of ideas on contemporary learning.


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