Ettore Sottsass.
Design Radical

The Met Breuer, New York

– 8 October 2017

Met Breuer in New York is holding its first design show. A selection of work by the designer Ettore Sottsass (1917–2007), one of the most important representatives of postmodern design, will be on display until 8 October 2017.

Ettore Sottsass’ works are known for the use of bright colour combinations and patterns and for his strong opposition to the modern design that pervaded design during his creative period. Sottsass used colours as his own language, which, in his view, was able to express emotions. He often worked with materials that are produced under high temperatures, such as ceramics, glass or glazes. His engagement with materials and colours is reflected in the exhibition pieces. It shows important works such as the Valentine typewriter, designed for Olivetti, furniture, photographs of his architectural designs and products, regarded as precursors of pop consumer electronics. 

The exhibition doesn’t only include objects made by Sottsass himself, but also on objects that inspired him and ones that were inspired by him. This creates a silent dialogue providing new insights into exactly where Sottsass’ work can be positioned and its importance in a broader context. This juxtaposition reveals the radicalism of his personal style and the versatility of the products he designed as a connecting element.


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