23 May 2019


EU Election. Vote together!

European Union

23–26 May, 2019


From today, the European Union will elect the European Parliament for the ninth time. Between 23 and 26 May, the 28 member states will open polling stations for around 400 million EU citizens eligible to vote to elect the European Parliament for the next five years.


Since the founding of the EU more than 50 years ago (then the European Community), Europe has enjoyed the longest peace in living memory. Cooperation between European countries is based on common values such as inclusion, tolerance, the rule of law and solidarity and the resulting common goals of creating freedom and security, curbing social injustice, enabling technological and scientific progress, preserving cultural diversity and strengthening cooperation between member countries.

While right-wing populist parties are increasingly orienting themselves nationally in many member states of the EU, and dissatisfaction with the current situation within Europe is increasing, it seems essential to publicly remember the strengths and advantages of the European Union.

A proverbial wave of political, but also creative and citizen-initiated campaigns is currently sweeping through social media and public platforms. The election campaign in the election year 2019 is not just a fight between the parties, but a battle by pro-European EU citizens fighting rising right-wing populism and the ever-growing number of EU opponents in Europe.

As the following overview shows, the trend in spring 2019 is a clear commitment to being pro-EU.



“Our Vote, Our Future.” This independent campaign is aimed primarily at young Europeans aged 18 to 24, whose turnout in 2014 was just under 28 per cent. With the help of the Alfred Töpfer Foundation, a group of creative people from all over Europe have joined forces to reach a broad mass of people and to invite them to vote by means of contemporary, appealing posters and various actions on social networks. On the website anyone can put together their own poster according to a modular design principle and print it out in all European languages or distribute it digitally.


Between Bridges

Founded in 2017 by Wolfgang Tillmans, the foundation’s mission is to promote democracy, international understanding, LGBT rights and the arts. In preparation for the 2019 elections, the Foundation has launched a blog called the Vote together Blog, offering European citizens, activists and enthusiasts a platform where they can make a joint statement in support of the European Parliament. Here you will find numerous personal stories of EU citizens, entries on the European political situation, various GIFs and information about the process and the most important facts about the election. The shop sells printed T-shirts for 15 euros as a personal souvenir and advertisement, in the languages of the European countries.


Akademie der Künste für Europa (Academy of Arts for Europe)

According to Jeanine Meerapfel, President of the Academy of Arts in Berlin: “The wonderful alliance of 28 European countries must be preserved and protected. We are also committed to an open continent, to a social and just Europe”. More than 50 members who are pro-Europe have come together under this banner. Video portraits and statements by Olafur Eliasson, Margarethe von Trotta, Ulrike Ottinger, Achim Freyer, Ai Weiwei and many others have been projected onto the glass facade of the academy building.


Kleiner Fünf (Smaller than Five)


“Radically polite against right-wing populism.” The Smaller than Five Initiative opposes emerging right-wing populism and is committed to an open society and democratic participation. Under the hash tag #Proposals4Europe, young Europeans will go down on one knee to appeal for a higher turnout and ask: Will you vote with me? Smaller than Five advocates the goal of preventing right-wing populist parties from passing the 5-percent hurdle.


Europe Poster


Europe Poster is a non-partisan, digital collection, founded by two design students, which, in collaboration with European designers, aims to raise awareness of the EU election through posters. Anyone can take part. The call is aimed at designers who want to use their creativity to reach people via posters and remind them of their right to vote. The submitted works should be freely designed, meet the technical requirements, contain the election date and promote the EU election. The posters are posted and linked to the respective designers on the corresponding Instagram account.



I am Europe


Director: Falk Richter

Choreography: Nir de Volff

World premiere: 15 January 2019, Théâtre National de Strasbourg, Strasbourg

German premiere: 1 February 2019, Thalia Gauss, Hamburg


Hamburg-born author and director Falk Richter has brought together eight European actors from the worlds of theatre, music and dance under the title “I am Europe” to examine the current state of Europe. Richter’s play combines dance theatre, drama, performance and video into a collage that thematises and stages the political and ideological situation of the European Union in an impressive way. Where are we from? In what kind of world do we live and in what state do we want to pass it on?


Zentrum für Kunst und Medien, Karlsruhe (Centre for Art and Media, Karlsruhe)

In the foyer of the ZKM, a poster by the artist Gunter Rambow welcomes visitors inviting them to “Vote away the shadows!” Gunter Rambow is among the most important international graphic and photo designers, known for his socially critical works. The poster is intended to strengthen the awareness of viewers of their central function as citizens in a democratic system and to encourage them to actively participate in shaping democracy by participating in the elections.


The Love Europe Project


approx. 99 min.

Producers: Solmaz Sohrabi, Gabriela Sperl, Miriam Klein

Production: Sperl+Film GmbH in co-production with ZDF/Das kleine Fernsehspiel

in cooperation with ARTE


The Love Europe Project unites nine short feature films in a 99-minute episodic film – a kind of road trip through life stories and everyday situations of European residents. The young European directors show in an affectionate way the small peculiarities of the different countries, without using clichés. Each part of the film shows a warm, hopeful view of humanity and despite social and cultural differences it shows how we are all united by a desire for freedom and understanding. Europe’s diversity and richness of personal stories is exemplified by these nine insights and it becomes clear that Europe is not only a political programme, but above all also a gathering of human relations of different origins.


Gif me your best


The European Elections GIF Competition 2019

Deadline: 26 May 2019


The project “Gif Me Your Best” by creative director and concept designer Robert Eysoldt lends the theme a transnational language, an image that visually conveys the substance of the European Union in a way that everyone can understand. The GIF European Election Competition 2019 invites you to send in creative answers on why Europe and the European Union is worth a vote. The emphasis on European unity and the desire for transparency and integration are reflected in all aspects of the competition. The jury is made up of designers and communication experts from 24 EU countries.The competition is looking for GIFs that will emotionally touch as many Europeans as possible and persuade them to take part in the election.


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