form N° 254. Stylewriting

It was high time to take up the matter: On the one hand, the (style) elements of graffiti culture, still criminalized in many contexts, have long since been adapted by epigones of advertising, media, fashion and product culture and shape our everyday lives, either consciously or unconsciously. On the other hand, many former sprayers – known or unknown – work very successfully today as architects, graphic artists, performers, fashion and product designers, tattoo artists or typographers.

Therefore our focus in this new issue, form N° 254, is style writing and graffiti. We are interested in particular in the autodidactic, emotional, formal, organizational and technical influences on other design disciplines. And together with the Style Council initiative, we will continue to devote ourselves to the subject through symposia, exhibitions and publications.

In this issue, we also present the winners of this year’s Output competition. New this year: In addition to the grand prize, an audience prize will also be awarded. From 13 June on you can go to our website to select your favourite out of the ten distinctions. We look forward to your visit and your vote.

You will find three selected articles from the magazine with additional image material in our section read online. You will also find a linkslist of this issue.


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