14 May 2015

Israeli Design.
Eliran Nargassi

Text: Jessica Sicking, Susanne Heinlein

In form 259 we explore the design in a country that is mainly present in the media because of its political conflicts: Israel. At the same time it has to offer a vibrant and multifaceted design scene, at whose protagonists we took a closer look. You can find more portraits of Israeli designers and studios both in form 259 and form Dossiers.



Eliran Nargassi, a young fashion designer from Tel Aviv, established his brand only in 2013, striving to participate in the revival of men’s fashion in Israel. His collections are foremost based on the concept of contrast and at the same time transfer a very personal, but wearable statement of the designer. 


Studio: Eliran Nargassi

Website: elirannargassi.com

Year of foundation: 2013

Employees: 2

Fields of work: menswear

Clients: fashion and textile industry



In your opinion, what is special about design in Israel?


In my opinion, Israeli design is unique and special since it is influenced by many cultures, traditions and communities that all live in Israel.



What characterises your work respectively your design and style?


Mostly, my work is characterised by the combination of commercial design and conceptual design. My designs are also characterised by minimalism, aesthetics and simplicity while paying attention to small details in the silhouette and cut. In addition, also the use of monochrome colours and original prints play an important role.


Which role do cultural influences play in fashion design and especially in your work?


I don’t think that there’s an Israeli culture. Since Israel is a young country and its people came from all over the world bringing their own cultures and traditions with them, the true Israeli culture does not exist yet. If you look at Israeli design, you will find that it is mostly influenced by cultures from Europe, the Arabian world, the former USSR, South America and North Africa – all these cultures are combined to one culture that in the future will be called Israeli culture.

In some way, my work is influenced by the Jewish culture. As I grew up in a religious home, I gained some of my inspiration from the Jewish tradition. For example my Spring/Summer 2014 collection dealt with the differences between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv; one city being mostly religious and the other city totally secular.



Where do you find the inspiration for your work?


I draw most of my inspiration from my inner world, from my past, from the tension between a secular and religious world or from gender and its interpretation. Naturally I’m also influenced by where I live, my interests or fantasies. I love to incorporate my influences in the form of contrasts: black and white, lines and minimalistic geometrical forms.



What is the reason for your very reduced use of colours in your collections?


I really love showing the difference and the merge between contrasts. Using a limited colour palette helps me illustrate my inspiration for the design in the best way.


Has the use of black and white a personal or cultural meaning to you?


Definitely personal. The use of black and white is actually my way of searching for my identity, which is based on contrasts. It helps me to test all sorts of limits and edges in my personality and among my interests. I usually compare black and white to transparent and sealed or soft and firmed.



Are you also planning collections for women and children in the future?


I think that in a little while I will expand my designs and will release a womenswear collection. I discovered that women are interested in my aesthetics and in most cases purchase a menswear garment for themselves.


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