14 May 2015

Israeli Design.

Text: Jessica Sicking, Susanne Heinlein

In form 259 we explore the design in a country that is mainly present in the media because of its political conflicts: Israel. At the same time it has to offer a vibrant and multifaceted design scene, at whose protagonists we took a closer look. You can find more portraits of Israeli designers and studios both in form 259 and form Dossiers.



Prime strives to be part of the team when working on a project for a client: developing products that not only visualise innovation, but at the same time balance aspects like the user’s needs, the client’s budget or the time to market. Since the start the three founders, all graduates from the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, have been very successful on their journey implementing products for internationally established companies.


Studio: Prime. Total Product Design

Website: prime-do.com

Year of foundation: 2011

Employees: 9

Fields of work: consumer electronics, sport, technology, medical devices

Clients: mainly working with clients in Israel, Europe and the US such as: San Disk, Motionize, Web One, Blacktusk, Amimon, MUV Interactive, Sensibo, Headway, etc.



In your opinion, what is special about design in Israel?


We think that design in Israel becomes very technology oriented as more and more hardware start-ups begin to develop consumer products. As every other Israeli discipline the design here is very dynamic and open minded. We also believe that Israeli design is very strong on teamwork.



What characterises your work respectively your design and style?


We believe that design is the method for creating value for the user and for the client. Our design tries to be simple and clear with endless attention to detail and user experience.



Where and how do you carry out the production of your products?


We work with several mechanical engineering firms in Israel and have great relationships with contract manufacturers in China.


Do you prefer to work with local producers?


In our field of expertise – consumer electronics – most of the manufacturing and assembly happens in the Far East (China, Taiwan, Korea). We love working with local manufacturers when it’s possible: mostly because we speak the same language and the communication is much faster and clearer.



Which role does the production process play when choosing your clients and partners?


It is very important for our clients to know that we have strong manufacturing partners behind us and it is very important for us to know that our partners can provide state of the art solutions and products.



Do you work according to a certain approach or method?


We have a very structured design method that focuses on finding the equilibrium between the users’ needs, the clients’ budget, the time to the market and the products’ cost. Our main efforts are focused on delivering a holistic experience within those given restrictions and challenges and bring maximum value to our partners and their users.



In your opinion, what role does design play when it comes to innovation and responsibility?


We think that design plays a very big role when it comes to these issues, as innovation and responsibility determine the whole product eco system very early in the process. Good design takes issues as the manufacturing footprint, the implementation of innovative technologies etc. into consideration very seriously.


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