07 May 2015

Israeli Design.

Text: Jessica Sicking, Susanne Heinlein

In form 259 we explore the design in a country that is mainly present in the media because of its political conflicts: Israel. At the same time it has to offer a vibrant and multifaceted design scene, at whose protagonists we took a closer look. You can find more portraits of Israeli designers and studios both in form 259 and form Dossiers.



Lior Shulak Hai has graduated from the Shenkar College in Tel Aviv only last year and now opened her own studio. Her work is characterised by the exploration of the tension between the form, the human body and its surrounding space. Based on this she creates a visual language of simple, geometrical themes.


Studio: Shulak

Website: liorshulak.com

Year of foundation: 2014

Employees: 2

Fields of work: handmade jewellery

Clients: Razili Fashion Boutiques, private customers



In your opinion, what is special about design in Israel?


I think that Israeli design has a strong connection with the locality – the urban situation, the weather conditions and the culture – but at the same time, it looks like Israeli designers always drive to develop their connection with the global design community. This tension brings unique and interesting features with it that makes Israeli design what it is today.


What characterises your work respectively your design and style?


I think what characterises my work the most is the design principles that drive me. I find great interest in examining the tension between a form, the human body and it surrounding space. To explore these things I use a visual language of lines that is based on geometrical themes.



Especially your collection "Signs of Fiction" stands for a rather conceptual approach. Are you also planning an edition of the collection, which is more suited for the use in everyday life?


Signs of Fiction was my graduation project from Shenkar College. In this project I wanted to push my boundaries to get to new and innovative places. During the work on the project, I developed design principles and features that I use in the everyday life products I design as well. Since my graduation, I designed two commercial collections – a fine jewellery collection called “#1”, and a fashion silver jewellery collection called “Alpha”. These days, I work on a new collection that involves an existing collaboration with a talented designer and friend Galit Barak.


What are your plans for the future?


I have lots of plans and big dreams for the future. The first step for me to reach them is to continue to develop new collections and to sell them in Israel and abroad. I have a great interest in every aspect of design that involves the human body. I definitely plan to expand my work to more channels in this field.



Where do you find the inspiration for your work?


Usually, I find inspiration in shapes and the connection between them. I live and work in Tel Aviv. I take the bus to my studio every day, and every once in a while I look up to the balconies and roofs. This always gives me new ideas. I always try to imagine what the next thing is that people are looking for: I start with a long trend research, and then I choose a theme. When I feel I got enough answers I start to sketch jewellery and then make 3D sketches in metal.


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