30 October 2018


It Takes 2 to Boogie

6 November – 11 December 2018

Westend-Campus of the Goethe-Universität Frankfurt/Main



This winter semester, the study group of the master’s programme in aesthetics at the Goethe University Frankfurt/Main is organising a series of lectures on the relationship between design and the humanities.


The master’s programme in aesthetics, which was launched three years ago, has set itself the goal of looking at the trend whereby the boundaries of aesthetic questions are increasingly blurred. It sees the present as marked by an abundance of aesthetic phenomena, which have so far defied systematic categorisation. The study group saw a need for a lecture series that would also cover the topic of design, which is seen as increasingly relevant to society. For although design has a growing influence in society, politics and economy, there is no such discourse in teaching at state-run universities. Even at German design schools, theoretical approaches to design and layout are still new. However, in view of the growing importance of the subject in recent decades, students argue that it is essential to develop appropriate theories and systematic models.

On six occasions, theorists and practitioners will share their knowledge and experience on the subject of design with teachers and students from classical and art and design schools in the Rhine-Main region as well as with designers and people interested in design. The focus of the lectures will range from game design to product development and the political implications of design to the design of fashion. The lecture series will open with a discussion on the tensions between design, everyday life, aesthetics, and its relevance for the humanities with Heinz Drügh, head of the master’s programme in aesthetics at Goethe University Frankfurt, Petra Eisele from Mainz University of Applied Sciences, and Klaus Klemp from HfG Offenbach. On 20 November 2018, there will be a discussion on product development and the development of technical devices with Ralf Groene, head of industrial design at Microsoft, Bettina Maisch, who is responsible for industrial design thinking at Siemens in China, and Stephan Ott, editor-in-chief of the form Design Magazine. The series of lectures will be concluded by the creators of the Dutch Next Nature Network, who, wearing their ground-breaking project hats will showcase the multitude of topics that can be considered as part of design and creativity.




6 November 2018

Design and Humanities

Discussion with Petra Eisele (University of Applied Sciences Mainz), Klaus Klemp (HfG Offenbach), Heinz Drügh (Goethe University Frankfurt) and representatives of the study group aesthetics

6–8 pm, Casino, Room 1.811



13 November 2018

Game Design. The Impact of Computer Games on Our World

Evelyn Hribersek (O.R.pheus, Eurydice), Sarah Steffen (Gameproducing consultant), Daniel Martin Feige (ABK Stuttgart)

6–8 pm, Casino, Room 1.811, Westend Campus.



20 November 2018

Product Development. Insights Into the Development of Technical Devices Today

Ralf Groene (Head of Industrial Design, Microsoft), Bettina Maisch (Industrial Design Thinking, Siemens), Stephan Ott (form Designmagazin)

6–8 pm, Casino, Room 1.811



27 November 2018

Design and Politics. What Is the Political Dimension of Design?

Anna Berkenbusch (Giebichenstein Castle, Halle), Daniel Hornuff (Kassel School of Art), Philipp Thesen (Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences)

6–8 pm, HZ1, Auditorium Centre



4 December 2018

Fashion. How Fashion Changes Society

Ayzit Bostan (Kassel University)

6–8 pm, Casino, Room 1.811



11 December 2018

Reprodutopia. The Future of Man

Hendrik-Jan Grievink (Next Nature Network)

6–8 pm, Casino, Room 1.811


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