Post Design Festival

Space 10, Copenhagen

17 – 20 August 2017

From 17 to 20 August, the Post Design Festival will be looking at the ethical issues and problems of working in visual design. A careful and critical examination will be made of the decisions that one encounters incidentally every day at a practical level. 

The Post Design Festival was launched to critical acclaim in Copenhagen a year ago. This year there will be two workshops for participants lasting several days. Taking the slogan “Face Time”, a new view of one’s own face will be explored with Louise Rosenkrands and Jody Barton. The focus here will be on new, bizarre methods creating portraits unrestricted by planning. Jody Barton is a British graphic designer and illustrator. Louise Rosenkrands, also known by her name Miss Lotion, is a Danish illustrator, who works for a broad spectrum of publishers and who has taught in many countries.

Participants can find out about the interface between coding and graphic design in the workshop held by Andreas Refsgaard and Bjørn Karmann. Andreas Refsgaard works as an interaction designer and creative coder in Copenhagen. Bjørn Karmann creates immersive experiences and interactive spaces for the Dutch studio Tell Art.

A two-day conference will follow this event on 19 and 20 August 2017. Guest speakers will include Jakob Trollbäck, Adrian Shaughnessy, Henriette Kruse and Wrong Studio


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