Reasons to:

  1. 4 – 6 September 2017


Over the course of three days the conference “Reasons to: Design, Code & Create” will bring together renowned creatives from all over the world. Artists, designers and thinkers from the field of creative coding will share a platform to exchange knowledge and inspiration and learn from each other.

No matter how diverse the demands on creative achievements in the digital world, so too are the influences from different disciplines, which can help, inspire and act as role models and pioneers. It is precisely these pioneers who bring the conference together. ‘Reasons to’ invites them to talk about their work and the knowledge gained through experience.

Nadieh Bremer will talk about the processes involved in generating her data visualisations. Bremer originally studied astronomy. She then combined her enthusiasm for images of the universe, which she learned to interpret in her studies, with her penchant for large amounts of data. When programming visualisations, she doesn’t rely exclusively on mathematics and logic, but makes the resulting images more accessible and understandable through aesthetic means.

Another speaker is Anouk Wipprecht, a Dutch fashion designer specialising in fashion technology. By transferring highly technical elements into fashion, she gives clothing a further functional level, turning them into ‘key players’ themselves. The contexts for the creation of her collections are just as diverse as the technical functions adopted by the garments. Not all speakers come from areas that are closely linked to high-tech. The Berlin typographer Erik Spiekermann for example, largely follows traditional principles of analog printing processes in his work. Other speakers include Sophie Koko Gate, Will Appiah and You Byun.


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