Saxon State Prize for Design

Designxport, Hamburg

– 25 February 2017

The 15th Saxon State Prize for Design has been awarded to 18 winners. The range of products and approaches to solutions are currently on display at Designxport in Hamburg.

This year’s competition focus was "Sustainability through Design – Responsibility for the Future" and included topics such as improvement of living conditions or questioning actions and thought patterns. The first prize in the category Product Design went to a cell isolation system called Cellina. In Communication Design, the award was given to a book dealing with inclusivity and people with visual impairments or blindness. The winner in the Next Generation Design category is a game dealing with preventive measures for flooding. The special prize for Social Design went to a simple, pragmatic design by Etage 8 for a table with grips and a handrail for easy lifting.
Following the exhibition at Designxport in Hamburg, the prize-winning designs will be on display at the Industriemuseum in Chemnitz from 9 March to 23 April 2017.


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