25 September 2014


Text: Franziska Porsch

Humans have fished and eaten what they catch for thousands of years. In the course of history, angling has become a very varied discipline. Alongside rod, reel and tackle, it is the choice of lure and skill of the angler that determine whether or not he gets a bite. These days, lures for catching predators such as perch, pike and walleye come in a range of shapes, colours and materials. And they are designed to lure not just fish, but anglers out window-shopping too.


The preferred area of use for spinnerbaits is between water lily stems, reeds and upturned trees. At the end of the V-shaped wire frame is a lead weight with hook, surrounded by a rubber fringe. The fringe acts as a protection against weeds so that the hook does not catch on the vegetation. At the other end of the wire are one or two spinner blades. Spinnerbaits are differentiated by the way they are used, in their arm length, the number, size and weight of the spinner blades and the colour of the fringe.

Vibra-Flx made by the American brand Booyah is a tandem spinnerbait. Tandems vibrate less than single blades, but reflect more intensively. Spinner blades have their own distinctive qualities: a round shape results in a lot of rotation (Colorado), an oval shape in less rotation but more reflection (Indiana) and a willow-leaf shape running into a point rotates from a specific speed (Willowleaf). Vibra-Flx is a combination of the Colorado blade which produces rotation and a strong oscillating Willowleaf. The fringe protects the hook near the vegetation from premature discovery and also serves as a bait. Light colours are often more attractive in clear water. In greater depths or at dusk, contrasting colours like black, orange and red work more effectively.




Product video: How To Fish the Booyah Vibra-FLX Spinnerbait




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