Typecon Boston


23 – 27 August 2017


Every year, the Society of Typographic Aficionados, a non-profit organisation, holds the Typecon in different cities in the USA. The five-day conference will be held in Boston this year, creating an international platform for typographical design.

The aim of the conference is to promote and research typography by bringing together a versatile audience with a wide range of workshops, lectures, exhibitions, panel discussions and networking events.
Since the first conference in 1998, the conferences have explored various aspects of typography. At the same time, conference contributions have included a diverse range from typography and the screen, the history of book printing, web fonts and experimental typography, as well as Arabic calligraphy and other unusual subjects.
This years’ speakers include, among others, Martina Flor, Peter Bella, Caleb Fairres, Nancy Bernardo and Carolina de Bartolo They will discuss their working methods and experiences in the discipline. Further, young type designers will also share their visions of typography with visitors.
23-year-old Ramakrishna Saiteja will be awarded the SOTA Catalyst Award at the 2017 conference. Saiteja studied graphic design at the D J Academy of Design in Coimbatore, India, and will present his project following the award ceremony. 


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