Us by Night

Parkloods, Antwerpen

  1. 23 – 25 November 2017

The Design Conference “Us by Night” will be held from 23 to 25 November 2017 in Antwerp. For three evenings and nights, designers and artists from all over the world can meet to learn, discover and play.

In November, the nights get longer as the days get shorter. The “Us by Night” conference invites well-known designers from several countries to talk about their work. However, the first lecture won’t start in the morning, as you might expect, but in the early evening. If you are still motivated to stay after the last lecture at 11 p.m. you’ll enjoy seeing large-scale lighting installations and a night market, offering entertainment and art as well as good food and tattoos. Invited speakers include Aaron Duffy, Foam Studio, James Veitch and Hansje van Halem. Aaron Duffy is co-founder of the art and communication company Special Guest, with whom he produced the music video “The Writing’s on the Wall” for the band Ok Go. His lecture will focus on his conceptual and visually expressive approach to the interface between commerce and the fine arts.

Foam Studio talk about the work of providing consulting services for companies and creating visual stories, with a focus on their holistic approach to work. James Veitch is a stand-up comedian who will entertain through humorous discourses on the complexity of technology, retro video games, love and working for Apple. Hanje van Halem will present her distinctive typographies and psychedelic illustrations and talk about how they are based on complex patterns. “Us by Night” is being held for a second time this year and proved extremely popular last year.


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