Nº 265
Designing Time

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Text: Stephan Ott


Creative minds should stop inventing things and should study business administration instead of design. This not entirely uncontroversial statement was made recently in a comment written by Evelyne Freitag, managing director for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland at tyre manufacturer Goodyear Dunlop. Her reasoning is that “success and failure are determined by business processes and financial strategies, which link products, services, and partners”. This is strong stuff, and, with all due respect, it falls a little short of the mark. Reality speaks a different language. On one hand, the representatives of business administration in the finance, energy or automotive industries – to name but the tip of the iceberg – do not exactly stand out on account of their brilliant performance or creative vision. On the other hand, many executives seem to have woken up to this fact, because the interest of major consultancy and advertising agencies in integrating designers or design companies in business processes through mergers and acquisitions has risen steeply in recent years. Advanced technologies such as 3D printing show very clearly that linking and networking takes more than business processes and financial strategies aimed at furthering the interests of owners, investors or stakeholders. Fairness, sustainability or the ability to generate feedback are not aspects that can be taken for granted – they are always also the result of creative inventions.

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Music Visualisation

Text: Marie-Kathrin Zettl
Translation: Iain Reynolds

Linking a song with appropriate visuals is more relevant than ever in today’s music industry. Nonetheless, the era of video clips on music television channels is a thing of the past. Musicians are increasingly using video platforms on the Internet instead to share their latest clips with a broad audience. A series of programmes to create films has also made the medium of music videos one of an experimental area for designers – also concerning their 3D aesthetics.

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Know Thyself

Text: Charlotte Hayne

Time is one of the best designs of humanity. Rhythmic, precise, beautiful. Yet managing time in the digital age poses a specific set of challenges. Computational time has introduced us to nanosecond processing speeds. We expect more deliverables in less time. Communication technologies create new and global opportunities for connection, but also expose us to unprecedented amounts of information, overloading our most valuable software, the brain. As organic organisms working in a digital age, we need a hybrid approach to time management. We must protect our time and use technology as the first line of defence. Let it curate, search, limit, select, and automate so that you are free to use more of your time for meaningful brainwork. But also, pair a smart use of technology with an understanding of how our bodies relate to time as the organic and quirky machines that they are.

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Gestalten im Dialog

Triumph of Craft

Text: Norman Kietzmann
Translation: Nicholas Grindell

More and more companies are integrating craftbased processes into their product development, exploring new paths both in formal and technical terms. This does not mean that industrial design has become obsolete. Instead, it is enriched by a dimension that appeals to the senses and that involves imperfection and local tradition.

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