10 Years of Thomas Eyck

Zuiderzeemuseum, Enkhuizen

– 14 May 2017


Over the last ten years, the Dutch design producer Thomas Eyck has been promoting cooperation between young designers and artisanal companies for the production of household and art objects. With its exhibition “10 Years of Thomas Eyck”, the Zuiderzeemuseum honours the vision and working methods of this designer and craftsman.

“I feel it is essential that design, choice of material and production process are consistent from beginning to end and form one whole”, Thomas Eyck explained in an interview. So he developed the idea of working on his collection together with selected young designers. In a working group, each of them is assigned a specific material. The so-called “t.e. collection”, consisting of ten groups of objects, is the result of this collaboration. For the exhibition “10 Years of Thomas Eyck”, ten other designers, artists, and architects, placed these objects in a new context. As an introduction to the ten installations that can be seen in the exhibition, the studio Lernert and Sander has developed a short film presenting the artisanal companies with whom Thomas Eyck worked with in the past.


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