25th Biennale of Design


– 29 October 2017


The Biennale of Design in Ljubljana will be opening an international discussion and exhibition platform for new ideas in design practice for the 25th time, with this year’s slogan  "Faraway, so close".

Since 1963, every two years, international artists, designers, thinkers and visitors have been invited to participate in a collaborative process to create multidisciplinary works to develop alternatives to existing systems. Here, design is viewed not just in its traditional sense, but as something that is interwoven with scientific research, humanist questions, unusual production methods and systematic approaches. The versatility of the project results in the mediation and collaborative development of resilient structures that can meet both local needs and global challenges. This year, the focus is on a social development that is visible all over Europe, but especially in Slovenia. Despite persistent urbanisation, people who grew up and were socialised in urban contexts are increasingly attracted by the countryside. This also changes rural contexts, which become increasingly influenced by urban ways of thinking and new technologies. Thanks to this development, new spaces are created, making possible social, cultural and microeconomic alternatives.

For the sake of consistency and aiming to translate theory into practice, this year's Biennale has been decentralised. With the help of international creative teams collaborating with local specialists, rural settings were explored to select venues. The locations now serve as a discussion platform for alternative and expanded perspectives on society today. The results of the process are intended to last for the duration of the exhibition and to also have a lasting impact on the discourse on the new rural development.


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Designing Protest

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