33pt 2017

Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts

Paulskirche Dortmund

Köln International School of Design

20 – 23 June 2017

33 pt.de


The 33pt is a festival of typography, graphics and design that has been organised by the department of design at Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts since 2006 and also for the past three years by the Köln International School of Design. Presentations and workshops are on offer to students and other interested parties from 20 to 23 June 2017 in Dortmund and Cologne with the aim of encouraging presenters and audience to engage in face-to-face interaction on working methods, world views and ideals. 

The events are organised by different teams of students each year to emphasise new approaches. This year, workshops will be taking place on 20 and 21 June at Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts in screen printing, risography and poster design. The following day, delegates can attend lectures in the Pauluskirche [church] which examine from various angles the question of which rules and rituals can guide designers in their working methods. The speakers are Node, Sigrid Calon, Nour Kelze, 3pc and Sucuk und Bratwurst. Their different viewpoints and experiences of practice will provide stimulation for discussions with the speakers afterwards. During the evening, there will be various different musical performances in the church.

Finally, on 23 June, Eva Lotte Lamm, Alessio Leonardi, Catalog Tree, Patrick Thomas and Jan Novak will give lectures at the Köln International School of Design. 


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