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Architekturzentrum Wien

– 11 September 2017

The Architecture Centre in Vienna the Architekturzentrum Wien, is showcasing the work of the London architectural collective Assemble as its first large worldwide retrospective. Until 11 September 2017, ten prototypes by the collective can be experienced spatially and haptically through large-scale installations.

Assemble was founded in 2010 by members of various disciplines, who were united by wanting to be more involved in contributing meaningfully to the changing processes of cities. The collective sees urban processes as variable and provisional, and therefore see themselves as being in a position of action. In order to meet the flexible and constantly evolving structure of society, Assemble works with unusual material combinations and concepts. Over the past few years, the collective has developed numerous projects that function as prototypes and which actively involve individuals, co-workers and urban residents in the construction and planning process. Their project Blackhorse Workshop was already mentioned in form 252. The exhibition uses large-scale models, videos and drawings to convey the architectural experience in the museum setting. In addition to presenting the collaborative processes that integrate materials, material samples expand the visitor’s experience of the exhibition on a haptic level.

In connection with the exhibition, a guest professorship was established at the TU Wien (Technical University Vienna). In the last winter semester, the university, together with its students, conducted a comprehensive research project on the city’s materials. The survey focussed on brick and the social, economic and ecological realities connected with this material. Over the summer, the students built a pavilion in the museum courtyard, which, alongside the exhibition, serves as a public workshop and social hub for intellectual exchange.


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