Library for Social Design

MAK Forum

26 April – 14 May 2017


Friedrich von Borries originally initiated the idea of a library for social design at the University of Fine Arts of Hamburg with the intention of expanding the range of publications students are exposed to during their training. The idea was that every month during their course, they should grapple with a new book on social design – in addition to their specified reading list. 

Actually, the library is subject to an on-going discussion about books in order to continue tackling the subject and to expose readers to the latest developments. Its focus is to confront design with its social responsibility so that students are not only made aware of this, but also, ideally provide inspiration and stimulation for developing new methods and approaches to research. Currently, the library is a mobile, temporary institution and pops up in various places and in different situations. It is being presented to the public for the first time in MAK in Vienna.


In addition, on 2 May 2017, as part of the exhibition in MAK, there will be a discussion between Friedrich von Borries, architect and professor of design theory, Ilija Trojanow, author, and Thomas Feichtner, designer. 


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