Biennale of Graphic Design of Chaumont 2017

Le Signe, National Graphic Design Centre in Chaumont

– 24 September 2017

Le Signe, the National Graphic Design Centre in Chaumont, is organising the 27th Biennale of Graphic Design. This year, once again, the international festival of poster and graphic design will take place at the Place des Arts in front of the Le Signe building.

From 14 to 21 May 2017, schoolgoers and students will have the opportunity of participating in seven different workshops. International graphic designers such as Bart de Baets from the Netherlands, Megi Zumstein and Claudio Barandun from the graphic design studio Hi from Zurich will hold daily lectures and actively collaborate with participants. The results of the workshops will be exhibited at the Biennale from 20 May to 4 June 2017. The selection of the 26th International Poster Competition will also be presented throughout the Biennale. Among them are works of the Studios 2 x Goldstein, Studio Feixen, Niklaus Troxler and Studio Kisman. An overview of the symposia and lectures as well as the exhibitions taking place at the Biennale is available online.


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