Big Bang Data

DOX Centre for Contemporary Art, Prague

– 14 August 2017

Every day, we all generate an increasing volume of data – with our smartphones, on social networks, when shopping online or via GPS sensors. Over the past five years, scientists, academics, and government organisations, companies and the cultural sector have also noticed this phenomenon, and have developed a greater awareness of the possibilities associated with it.

For it is indisputable that generating, processing and, above all, interpreting data is making a considerable contribution to changes in our society. There are new possibilities for processing large volumes of data, and for storing and analysing it, and, as a result, discovering patterns in consumer behaviour, for example. The exhibition entitled “Big Bang Data” in the Centre for Contemporary Art in Prague tackles the various possibilities and scenarios offered by this subject, and takes a look at opposing questions. Is data really a fathomless source of richness, the basis for mass surveillance or does it actually create the possibility of a more transparent, participatory democracy?


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