Beyond Tellerrand

Capitol Theater, Düsseldorf

15 – 17 May 2017

Beyond Tellerrand: The clue is in the name (roughly “outside the box”). In two-day conferences, founder Marc Thiele has been thinking and looking outside the box since 2010.

Over the years, a large community has formed around the event series, thanks, not least, to a large number of well-known designers, who are attracting a wide audience through their Workshops and lectures. Topics include creative web design and web development, among others. Marc Thiele has also managed to get numerous designers and developers to come to the forthcoming conference at the Capitol Theater in Düsseldorf. Speakers include Jina Anne, chief designer of Salesforce UX and graphic designer Jonathan Barnbrook. Thiel's goal of making the event a memorable event for all participants is also reflected in the pricing.  Interested parties can participate in the two-day conference for as little as 179 Euros. The next event will take place from 6 to 8 November 2017 in Berlin. Tickets can be ordered online in advance. Elliot Jay Socks and Erik Spiekermann will also be holding a workshop on “Advanced Typography and Letterpress” on 28 and 29 June.


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