Foto Museum, Antwerp

– 4 June 2017


The “Braakland” exhibition is transforming the first floor of the Foto Museum in Antwerp into an experimental working area for photography for the duration of the show. The intention is to put the spotlight on the diversity of the medium. 

Against this background, the exhibition, which runs until 4 June 2017, is focusing on the dialogue between art and the public. The different works by talented photographers from around the world are presented in three different exhibition areas which summarise the short and long-term projects in different ways. In addition to the photographic projects by international artists, and photographs from Antwerp, there is also a comprehensive supporting programme. The range of activities includes various exhibitions, conversations with artists, discussions, evening events and portfolio shows. But in addition to the planned events, part of the programme has been keep free intentionally, and under the slogan of “Museum Takeover” offers anyone interested to take the opportunity to take on a subject and initiate an event.


Nº 273
Designing Protest

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