Dan Friedman. Radical Modernist

Chicago Design Museum

– 12 August 2017


The exhibition “Dan Friedman. Radical Modernist” runs until 12 August 2017. The design exhibition curated by Friedman himself showcases the outcome of his engagement with “Radical Modernism”. Friedman is regarded as one of the leading figures of Postmodernism and his work contributed significantly to the movement of New Wave Design.

Friedman curated “Radical Modernist” in the last years of his life and it brings together important works by this graphic and furniture designer. As an advocate of expressive design, shortly before his death, he formulated a twelve-point agenda for Radical Modernism, which nonetheless focuses on the personal responsibility of artists within their disciplines. It calls for designers to work independently and self-critically, cultivating a curious optimism.

A pop-up museum, the Chicago Design Museum is committed to the exceptional principle of making knowledge accessible to the public through dynamic communicative processes via changing exhibitions. Relying largely on the work of local volunteers, the museum aims to combine a public space for communicating design with a collaborative, collective approach. The exhibitions are selected on the basis of the conviction that design has the potential to positively influence society.


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