Design Parade Hyères 2017

Villa Noailles, Hyères

29 June – 2 July 2017

For the past twelve years, Villa Noailles has invited young designers to exhibit their works under the auspices of the Hyères Design Parade. The festival is based on a competition for newcomers and provides a framework for further exhibitions in Hyères and Toulon. In addition, discussions are held and visitors have the opportunity of experiencing the creative processes behind new design proposals from studios.

Visitors can explore the versatility of the designs within the space of the Cubist building of Villa Noailles. Since 1972, Villa Noailles has been dedicated to supporting young designers and is regarded as a cultural monument in its own right. All events can be viewed free of charge. The thematic exploration of the exhibitions in Hyères is based on an explorative design perspective. Alongside the exhibitions in Hyères, the design parade also takes place in Toulon, with a focus on interior architecture. The programme has a variety of offerings for young people and families as well as for study groups. The exhibitions can continue to be seen until 24 September 2017, even after the parade is over.


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