Designing the Surface

Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam

– 20 August 2017

Every day, we are surrounded by surfaces that influence our senses consciously or unconsciously. Het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam endeavours to examine a selection of products from the perspectives of patina, lustre, faux, teflon, and agency and how these react to our aesthetic and sensory needs.

“Designing the Surface” is a collaboration between the Dutch product designer Chris Kabel and the exhibition design bureau Koehorst in ‘t Veld which focuses on the covering layer between the material itself and its surroundings. The main theme of the exhibition is the often overlooked, yet important role that varnish and other types of surface treatment play in terms of our perception of them. Each of the five perspectives has its own installation within the exhibition that occupies the generous premises of Het Nieuwe Instituut, the foyer and the areas outside the building. The exhibition is part of the long-term project entitled Things and Materials, dedicated to researching, collection and analysing materials such as plastic, glass and wood. The artists represented include Lex Pott and Thomas Trum.


Standard priced tickets are 10 euros. Tickets can be ordered online.


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