IKEA Foundation Design Prize 2017

Submission deadline: 31 March 2017


Can you take your home with you? And if not, where can you find it? Is it something innate? People flee their homeland and hope to find a new one in Europe, for example. Taking the slogan “Nomads in Germany” the initiators of this year’s IKEA Foundation’s design prize have picked a very topical subject.

Today, the term “homeland” is disputed as never before. What we do know is that our generation moves home more frequently than our parents ever did. We relocate and go to the places where our studies are based and work can be found. We speak of “modern nomadism” but also issues of mobility and migration play a central role.


The IKEA Foundation’s university competition is entering its twelfth round with the question “What actually makes a home a home?”. Students of product and industrial design and of interior design are invited to submit their projects on the theme of home and the shift in the meaning of the term. No limits are set for your ideas. Furniture, lamps and designs for space-saving living are all eligible. The seven adjudicators include the jewellery designer, Saskia Diez, the designer Peter Raacke and the IKEA designer, Wiebke Braasch.


The winning projects will be exhibited in the Bauhaus-Archiv in Berlin. Three fully financed semesters abroad and ten workshops at the Ingvar Kamprad Design Centre in Lund, Sweden, will also be awarded. All students in the above-named design disciplines, who have completed at least one year of study, are eligible to enter. Further conditions for participation can be found (in German) online.


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