Driverless Future

Submission deadline: 19 May 2017

Taking the slogan “Architecture can do more”, the New York-based online platform Blank Space, has given itself the task of testing the limits of architecture. It addresses themes with the intention of stimulating society as a whole to rethink the role of architecture, to consider how all individuals can influence it by their attitude. The founders, the architect Matthew Hoffman, and the journalist, Francesca Guiliani are convinced that good communication is the key to amazing ideas. Their latest projects is called “Driverless Future.”

In existence since 2013, the Blank Space Project has already initiated the Fairy Tales illustration competition in the past two years. The Driverless Future project came into being in cooperation with the city of New York and the New Lab. It encourages designers to seek out possible solution for a future with driverless vehicles, ranging from parking options to the use of motorways and to developing computer programmes. What might the infrastructure of New York City look like? How can we improve logistics and transport using autonomous vehicles? There are no limits set on participants’ ideas.


A detailed briefing about the competition is available in pdf format on the website. The four finalists will receive a membership worth 15,000 US dollar for the New Lab, the largest design and technology centre in New York Where they will have the opportunity to work for a year with three or four other people. In addition, the winner of the top award will receive a cash prize of  2,500 US dollar.


The registration fee for online registratrions costs 70 US dollar until 6 April 2017. Thereafter, it will cost 90 US dollar.



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