Edition Disegno.
Films about Ulm School of Design

Basle, Zurich, Osnabrück

May 2017


In spite of closing just under 50 years ago, the Ulm School of Design is still numbered amongst the best-known design schools, which is no doubt due to its prominent founders and lecturers as well as its far-reaching influence. Peter Schubert, one of its graduates has captured this in the film series entitled “Edition Disegno”, from which a selection appeared for the first time in digital format at the beginning of 2017. In May 2017, two of these will be shown in three different cities.

The selected films were shot between 1979 and 1995, and document both the history and importance of the Ulm School of Design and the influence it has had on German industrial firms. The publisher of the DVD box set is Franz Schneider Brakel, the door handle and hardware manufacture, which is unsurprising as it is one of the firms that was influenced by Otl Aicher and the Ulm principles of design. Accordingly, the films “Hand-Griffe – Designmanagement bei FSB“ [Handles - design management at FSB] and „Der Denker am Objekt – Porträt Otl Aicher“ [The thinker behind the object – a portrait of Otl Aicher] will be shown at 7 pm on 22 May in Basle, on 23 May in Zurich, and on 31 May 2107 in Osnabrück. Following the showing on all three dates, there will be a discussion with Peter Schubert


A review of the reissue of the films can be read in form 271.



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