Elbphilharmonie Revisited

Deichtorhallen Hamburg

– 1 May 2017


After many (laborious) years of building works, the Hamburg concert hall – the Elbphilharmonie – was opened in November 2016. An exhibition to celebrate the opening, focusing on the relationship between architecture and fine arts, will be held in the Hall for Contemporary Art. 

Twelve international artists took inspiration from the test phase before the official opening of the Elbphilharmonie and developed very different ideas. The resulting works include films, sculptures, installations, and photographs, all of them entering into exciting dialogues in the exhibition rooms. What all the artists have in a common is a (critical) relationship with architecture, and this is evident in their work. The purpose of the exhibition is primarily to encourage us to reflect on the blurred boundaries between architecture, art, and design and to “sensitize people to perceive the Elbphilharmonie in an entirely new light as a human, musical, and political realm.”


The accompanying programme for “Elbphilharmonie Revisited” includes guided tours, talks, and workshops.


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Designing Protest

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