Foam Talent.

20 International Young Artists

Foam Fotografiemuseum, Amsterdam

1 September – 12 November 2017

As an internationally active organisation for photography, foam runs an annual competition for young photographers from around the world. An exhibition will be dedicated to the work of the twenty winners from 1 September to 12 November.

Photography is a discipline that undergoes constant change and is always in direct dialogue with the trends of the era. This selection of work shows the many different ways in which young photographers approach the medium. All the artists are under 35 years old and have distinguished themselves by having an unusual slant on photography and their environment. Many artists reflect the developments in their society and express their socio-political concerns through their photographs. The images by Sadegh Souri tell the stories of individual destinies depicted by major shifts in society such as smuggling oil. The question of identity is frequently a focal point here. For example, Alix Marie’s grotesque visualisations of the interplay of different body parts show mankind’s vulnerability. Namsa Leuba tackles her New Guinean origins in profound statements. Other artists, such as David de Beyter and Mark Dorf abandon the fixed boundaries of photography and seek overlaps with other media to restore space to the two-dimensional representations in the presentation. The aim of the competition is to make it easier for young photographers to join the scene, and to raise awareness. Once the exhibition has ended here, it will be on show in various places around the world.


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