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It lurks about in everyday hazards, waiting to trip us up, or as an imminent climatic disaster – we are constantly confronted by danger in all its guises. Once we identify it however, we can not only banish it, but also warn against it and avoid it in the future. The Focus section of form 271 takes a look at how design can help with this from different perspectives, for example in creating warning signs or by contributing to responsible product development, or as a tool for maintaining freedom despite the challenges of living with increasing security measures or risk-based communication.

According to Friedrich von Borries “it is one of the tasks of designers not only to take part in the creation of security, but also to render society productively insecure so that it learns to tolerate uncertainties”. In his article “Auf eigene Gefahr? – The Risk of Trusting” Klaus Peter Japp, on the other hand, explores why it is that we increasingly perceive as dangerous, the decisions that authorities take for us. Jörg Stürzebecher and Johannes Bergerhausen consider potential dangers in a range of contexts and how posters and signage warn people about them. We also asked the director of the Miele Design Centre, industrial designer Andreas Enslin, and the independent designer Lutz Gathmann, how design can help guarantee product safety. And finally, three projects on data security illustrate how to safely navigate the Internet.


In the two “harmless” parts of the issue, we among other things discuss people’s need for sleep in today’s contexts and the products created as a result; we take a design view of the novel “The Fountainhead” by Ayn Rand in the Archive section; and in “A Matter of Touch – Material wirkt” we take a closer look at previously lesser known effects of materials.


At the heart of the third part of our anniversary series “Revisiting the Past”, we feature 1980s advertisements that were placed in form magazine back then and which you can see here. In the print issue, we have categorised and discussed them under “Team Building”, “Modern Popular Culture” and “Ads as a Discussion Medium”.


This time, online, apart from the article “Making Noise”, which presents contemporary products for making electronic music, you can also read the Focus article about warning posters, and a contribution on the work of Collectif Blanc, a curatorial platform for print.


In form Dossiers, you will see an interview as extension to the article “Schlaf Bedürnisse Wecken – Good Night?”: we spoke to the sleep researcher Thea Herold about the possibility of designing better sleep.


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