Global Control and Censorship

Tallinn Art Hall

– 18 June 2017

Surveillance and censorship has become part of our everyday lives – carried out openly or clandestinely. An exhibition in the capital of Estonia questions the dangers of this development using international contributions.

Digital media and communication channels are a double-edged sword: on the one hand they open up previously unavailable possibilities of interaction, exchange and participation. On the other, they also conceal risks (not all of them known to users). Manipulation, surveillance and espionage are just a few examples of dangerous excesses that using modern technology can entail. In order to stimulate international discourse and critical thinking on this theme, the exhibition “Global Control and Censorship” brings together stances held by journalists, academics, activists, and artists from twenty different countries. An accompanying programme of workshops for children, young people and the wider public focuses on special aspects, such as the phenomenon of the “selfie” and the balancing act between convenience and security.


A digital version of the exhibition can be found here.


The Crytch project also tackles the topic of data security. We conducted an interview with the two designers.


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