MAK Wien

– 9 April 2017


The Museum of Applied Arts in Vienna opened the exhibition “Handicraft. Traditional Skills in the Digital Age” back in December 2016. The exhibition continues until 9 April 2017, where visitors can explore the importance and value of craftsmanship as an integral part of material culture and cultural identity.

Lifestyle media and the do-it-yourself movement have shaped the term “handmade”. We associate “handmade” with the quality of a luxury product. Local craftspeople however, are locked in a constant struggle for recognition and reasonable remuneration. The six areas of the exhibition “Past and Present”, “Perspectives”, “Materials and Tools”, “Live Workshop”, “Quality and Excellence” and “Sustainability” span a wide range from the history of craftsmanship to current European perspectives and interfaces with digital technologies. Selected tools from the various areas are also on display.


An accompanying publication with the exhibition title including articles and interviews is available in the MAK Design Shop. Visitors can also join a curator’s tour on 19 March, at 4 pm. Detailed information about other events is available online.


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