How to Live Together

– 15 October 2017

Kunsthalle Wien


What are the things we have in common? What keeps us together in spite of our differences? On show until 15 October 2017, the exhibition “How to Live Together” in the Kunsthalle Wien displays ways we can successfully live together in society.

Our society is involved in changes that place it under increasingly intense strains of being eroded and breaking up. Taking works by 30 artists, the exhibition “How to Live Together” attempts to illuminate how it is nevertheless possible to live together in a globalised world.

The selection of the exhibited artists is very mixed, both demographically and culturally, so that the personal and individual viewpoint of one artist is highlighted against the others’. The shifts between the private and the political, between standing still and movement, reality and utopia become clearly visible as a result. At the same time, the works highlight invidual paths, how sympathy and empathy allow and enrich working and living together.

The design of the exhibition also offers its own perspective of which schools of thought promoted living together and which were able to reinvigorate the public. The exhibition furniture comprises black seating units with steps, hinting at the agora. The agora, the market places of ancient Greece, were not only the centre of politics and trade in the towns, but also the place where the foundations of a community were discussed. The agora marked both the birth of philosophy and democracy.

To accompany the exhibition, the Community College offers visitors a platform for discussion and interaction. This is where there is discussion about the role played by education and the emotional movement of large masses in a society, and the extent to which this has an effect on political and family models.


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