IIID Award

Submission deadline: 28 February 2017


Every three years, the International Institute for Information Design (IIID) presents awards to products and services that are easily accessible, comprehensible, and useful to users. Designers, clients and students can apply and submit their already completed projects until 28 February 2017 in 15 different categories. 

Submissions can be both visualisations as well as information systems that help understanding and allow focused use. The IIID Award categories include healthcare, finance, navigation in unfamiliar environments, traffic and public transport, social services, emergency and security, corporate design and communications, didactics, products and services, editorial, universal design, future concepts, research, sustainability, as well as student projects that are not associated with any particular theme of submission. The criteria are that projects must have been completed by 2017 and can be submitted by either the designer or the client. Essential criteria are quality and attractiveness. The submissions accepted onto the shortlist – at least five in each category – will be displayed at the IIID Award’s touring exhibition and the Vision Plus Conference in Riga. The winners and honorary mentions will be announced on the IIID Award’s website and in the Information Design Journal.


The fee for participants is 120 euros per project. Students can submit their projects in the student work category for 30 euros. The participation fee applies to each project per category (a project can be submitted in several categories).


The International Institute for Information Design, founded in 1986, sees itself as being a network of people and organisations who are interested in optimising informations and information systems for everyday life, work, and academia and thereby supporting developments in information design. 


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