Jo Brocklehurst:
Nobodies and Somebodies

House of Illustration, London

– 14 May 2017

Jo Brocklehurst, the Anglo-Sri-Lankan artist, contravened all conventions, as back in the 1970s her work did not focus on beauty and elegance but on London’s subculture and fetishism. An exhibition dedicated to her in the House of Illustration in London runs until the middle of May 2017.

Not much is known about Jo Brocklehurst herself as she preferred to maintain an air of mystery about her private life until her death in 2006. She was usually to be found wearing sunglasses and a wig when she drew portraits in the punk scene or in underground clubs of London and later in Berlin and Amsterdam. She did not present her models as perfect, but rather as strong, individual characters. Long before Jean Paul Gaultier or Thierry Mugler made fetish elements fashionable, their aficionados could be found in galleries, thanks to Brocklehurst.

In addition to the portraits, this exhibition, co-curated by Brocklehurst’s muse, Isabelle Bricknall, also displays drawings created for the newspaper, the Berliner Zeitung.


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