Korea: Design + Poster

The Design Museum, Munich

– 18 June 2017


The Design Museum – Die Neue Sammlung – in Munich presents “Korea: Design + Poster” with about 100 works by 25 graphic artists and studios from Korea, from the 1980s to today. This is the first time an exhibition devoted specifically to this area is being shown in Europe. 

It is a long time ago since Korea moved on from the post-war period of poverty to develop into the influential industrialised nation it is today. Korean craftsmanship is characterised by simplicity and beauty in everyday products. Aside from this craftsmanship, however, Korean industrial design is also drawing attention. Whether it is LG phones, cars made by Kia, K-Pop or K-Style: the so-called Korean wave has now also reached the West. Korean graphic design, on the other hand, has taken a different direction and absorbed the influences of pop art and comics, as well as Bauhaus and Swiss typography. Examples of this are contemporary Korean posters, which can be seen alongside selected objects of design and craftsmanship in the exhibition. The spectrum ranges from placards for art and design exhibitions to posters advertising books, magazines and record markets. The exhibition also includes posters about humanitarian concerns and political protest, such as those by Bohuy Kim and the studio Ordinary People or Na Kim, whose work we also showcase in the current issue of form 270 – “South Korea”.


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Designing Protest

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