Leipzig Book Fair

Fairground Leipzig

23 – 26 March 2017


With a long tradition, the Leipzig Book Fair is the second largest book fair in Germany. More than 2,200 national and international exhibitors can be found in the halls of the Leipzig fair this year. In contrast to the Frankfurt Book Fair, it is primarily aimed at the public. Among the approximately 160,000 visitors, the trade fair includes about 45,000 commercial, trade visitors annually, who come to find out and exchange views and information on literature and new publications.

In addition to numerous readings, specialist lectures, panel discussions and further training events, the programme also includes prize-givings, such as the Leipzig Book Award for European Understanding 2017. In addition, it includes the “Independent Publishing Fair” with a symposium organised by the Leipzig Academy of Fine Arts, the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig on 25 March 2017. It serves as a forum for independent publishers and publishing projects taking the slogan “It's a book, it's a fair, it's a room built to share”. This year, for the first time, the symposium will be held in collaboration with the master’s programme of the HGB Cultures of the Curatorial. It is devoted to the architectural, social and virtual spaces of publishing as well as the design of different “book spaces” from an artistic and curatorial perspective.


Detailed information on arrival and accommodation, as well as opening times and prices are available online. 


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