Mainzer Designgespräche.
Design für Alle

Landesmuseum, Mainz

  1. 4 September 2017

How does considering marginalised groups in product design become an economic factor? On 4 September 2017, this year’s Mainz Design Conversations will focus on discussing this question.

Organised by the Rheinland Pfalz Design Forum in annual rotation, the Mainz Design Conferences represent an important opportunity for discussion in this part of Germany. This is the 16th occasion where specialists from science, business and design are invited to speak on a question that they encounter regularly in their work. Keynote lectures, discussion rounds and open discussions invite the audience to participate actively in the conversation and to contribute with their own expertise and perspectives. The slogan “Design for All” is an ideal that is in fact at odds with the current reality. Design, which is directed at average values or the common denominator, is a compromise between different usage requirements, but inevitably excludes people on the margins, outside the average. How can design integrate without losing appeal and attractiveness? What features does a product need to have in order to consider marginalised groups while still being economically viable for a company?

Speakers include, among others, Mathias Knigge, Tom Bieling, Lars Kaempf, Lilia Kleemann and Christian Zöllner. If you are interested, you can register here and buy a ticket.


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