Make it Meaningful

23 May 2017

Weissraum Designforum Tirol, Innsbruck

The Weissraum Designforum Tirol in Innsbruck serves as an exchange platform for visual design with regular workshops, exhibitions and discussions. On May 23, 2017, the communications agency Kessels Kramer will present its work under the title “Make it Meaningful”.

“Make it Meaningful” is also the self-imposed working claim of Kessels Kramer, who now have branches in Amsterdam, London and Los Angeles. Matthijs de Jongh, a strategist for international creative agency campaigns since 1996, will give a lecture on the concept and on major projects such as “I Amsterdam” and “The Worst Hotel In The World”.

The exhibition Urban Types Innsbruck will also be open on Tuesday 20 May and Saturday 1 July 2017. It is a display of erstwhile signage from Innsbruck, which has fallen into disrepair owing to changes in technology, culture and craftsmanship, and which has now been collected in an “archive of letters of the alphabet”. Notes with information on the city's culture of signage and lettering give visitors an overview of the typographical look and feel of in Innsbruck. The focus is on lettering from the 1950s to the present, the interplay between writing and architecture, the history of the place and the importance of typography. The exhibition is collaboration with the Innsbruck graphic designer Karen Gleissner. Participation in the events is free of charge.


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