MEDS Ghent 17


31 July – 13 August 2017

Every summer, the MEDS Workshops brings together around 200 young designers and design students from throughout Europe to work for two weeks on several joint projects on a theme, and to network. This year, the city of Ghent is the host and has chosen the slogan “Urban Haven”. 

The aim of the workshops is to meet together and design a sustainable future, to experience the culture of the host country and to work in an international and motivated team of like-minded people. This year, a new cultural movement is taking shape in cities under the slogan of “Urban Haven”. Inhabitants of urban structures are more proactive and want to be involved in shaping their environment, in park projects and critical mass events, for example. In Ghent, some such initiatives can already be found that question existing structures and experiment with new social models. All the projects that are part of MEDS Ghent are found in this context and are designing spaces and tools with and for the local initiatives, and are forming social hubs and encouraging proactive involvement in design within the town. The first week will be spent planning and designing the individual projects so that these can be directly implemented and constructed in the second week. The workshops finish on 13 August 2017 with an exhibition in which the finished projects will be presented to the general public. 


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Designing Protest

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