German Federal Ecodesign Award.
More Than Beautiful

Museum Information Kunst, Ludwigsburg

21 March – 9 April 2017

The touring exhibition “More Than Beautiful” opens today, kicking off with an environmental communication project called “Ecodesign as a contribution to environmentally compatible and material-efficient product design”. The first stop of the exhibition is the Museum Information Kunst (MIK) in Ludwigsburg. In the course of the last year, the works showcased in the exhibition have made it into the final selection for the Federal German Prize for Ecodesign. They exemplify outstanding ideas and solutions for sustainable design and demonstrate how the early implementation of design expertise in product development can lead to well thought-out and environmentally compatible products and concepts

The jury of design and environmental experts, nominated 26 products, services and concepts, eight of which were awarded the prize. The exhibited projects aim to raise awareness about ecological design among companies, design offices and agencies as well as consumers. In addition, workshops and discussions are intended to encourage cooperation between companies and creatives. The project will receive 125,000 Euros in financial support from the German Federal Foundation Environmental Foundation. On 27 March 2017, at the MIK, the environmental expert Ulrike Eberle will hold a workshop on the “Environmental and Sustainability Assessment of Products and Services”. This focuses on the practical application of ecodesign in addition to theoretical knowledge about the subject. Participation in the workshop is free of charge.


The timeframe of the project “Ecodesign as a contribution to environmentally compatible and material-efficient product design” stretches from November 2015 to October 2018. Between now and then, at least twelve training workshops, lectures, panel discussions and other events are planned. Further planned venues for the touring exhibition of the Federal Prize for Ecodesign include Berlin, Dessau and Darmstadt.

Der Zeitrahmen des Projekts „Ecodesign als Beitrag zu einer umweltverträglichen und materialeffizienten Produktgestaltung“ erstreckt sich von November 2015 bis Oktober 2018. Bis dahin sind deutschlandweit mindestens zwölf Qualifizierungsworkshops sowie Vorträge, Podiumsdiskussionen und weitere Veranstaltungen geplant. Weitere geplante Stationen der Bundespreis Ecodesign-Wanderausstellung sind bisher Berlin, Dessau und Darmstadt.


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